Overview of the Platform

Our data virtualisation functionality, and easy to use business rules engine, quickly integrates and standardises data from multiple, disparate sources such as RDBMS, REST API, text files etc. in real time without copying it into another data repository. 

This data can then be analysed, modelled and reported using our integrated analytics, dashboard, reporting and data visualisation tools.  Our process management and automation capability delivers touch-less reporting and insights.

The Vnum platform is underpinned by a data governance framework which provides strong controls over data lineage and an audit trail of any business rules and approvals applied.

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End user of vnum
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IT Leaders

As a leader in IT you would like technology infrastructure that closely align with the organization's goals. Developing an echo system that include data management, data quality and oversees a range of data-related functions to ensure your organization is getting the most from what could be its most valuable asset. Vnum helps you meet these goals by:



Using data virtualization Integrate your application and data sources across your IT landscape and create a ‘Single View’ of the overall data irrespective of location of sources whether cloud, on-premises.

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Data Governance and Data Lineage

Data Lineage is a critical part of data governance in any organisation.  Whether it is regulatory or internal reporting, it is imperative to be able to trace and understand the source of your data, and identify any business rules or transformation applied.

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Data Publishing or ETL

In addition to its integrated dashboard, reporting and automation capability, the Vnum platform can connect to various disparate data sources, apply business transformation rules, and publish data to a data warehouse or sftp location.  With Vnum’s data lineage functionality, you will have full visibility of all data sources, transformation steps and business rules at your finger-tips.  The impact of any changes in data elements can quickly and easily be determined and managed without creating a mini project.
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Create Business owners of data

Each object whether  data models, process or reports are assigned to the owner and changes require their permission to approve 

Data Users and Decision Makers

You would like to create a data-driven decision-making culture in the organisation. Whether your role is customer facing or support a customer facing, you don’t want your team to spend time in preparing recurring information/reports using spreadsheet and other manual means. They should use their skills in more productive task i.e improving internal and external customer experience.Vnum helps you achieve your goals by:

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Accelerate Time to Value with Vnum
Data Users and
Decision Makers

Templates, process libraries, and custom functions (scripting) balance your productivity and control, allowing your organization to be successful with any business use case.

Data Governance and Data Lineage

Improve compliance culture

Improve productivity

Operational Intelligence, reuse business logic and templates

Reduce cost

By eliminating manual process reduce long term FTE cost and dependency on key employees.

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