Traceable Reporting 

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Financial Services

Industry faces problems with complexity in data and its availability. Strict regulations are adding complexity in their governance models and use of various applications within business are raising concerns such as:

  • Data trace-ability

  • Reconciliation

  • Impact on acquisitions and splits

The major impact to the financial services are around following areas:

  • Compliance

  • Regulatory and Audit

  • Process re-engineering

  • Data confined with the applications making it difficult to quickly surface the information when requires

With GDPR and Royal commission will make compliance reporting challenging if financial institutions don’t have the mechanism to access their data efficiently. New and strict regulatory requirements requires reconsideration on the approach of data governance.

Our Approach

To be holistic on approaching any data points and make it directly accessible by having data driven integration rather than application. Application get dropped or migrated but data will still be yours. Data governance has always being in the radar but the perspective changes based on scope. Our solution has the uniqueness of creating organization data driven ecosystem that enables to correlate source and provide business driven capability to be built on top of your data. The basic to resolve your problem, is not the data itself but the way to unify and trace it. The approach will lead to reducing heavy fines, rework.      




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