Are your reporting obligations making your life a misery

How would you answer a question like:

"What was our most profitable event in the last three years?"​ 

"Who was our most profitable client? (and why?)"​

Does every request for key data turn into a mini project?

Does this sound familiar:

  • Your life is a nightmare of manual spreadsheets and macros and legacy Access systems.

  • Despite your best efforts, you can’t always hit the reporting deadlines for your clients and stakeholders.

  • Regulatory and Management reporting obligations are high-stress situations and you can’t see your way out of the mess.

  • You’re not sure if you have the data, and if you do, you can’t be sure it’s accurate. And even if it is right, it’s impossible to prove because granularity is not available to you. Your source data changes and you have no control or visibility over what has changed.


  • If you can get exceptional report showing Un-reconciled items between systems and GL.

  • If your periodic reports are delivered to your team, no matter how complex are the process to generate them

  • Imagine reports/reconciliation/process are available to you as soon as data is available with all supporting documents and audit trail

Yes, It is possible........

Would like to know how?




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